Theodore Sider’s Review

As we have seen, “Coming to Understanding” is a rich work that merits serious scrutiny. I have challenged the work on many matters of detail; but, while the importance of this detailed work is not to be denied, still it should not obscure the most important fact about the work, which is that it focuses squarely on the very deepest questions of metaphysics, and places them in their rightful position at the center of human inquiry. It argues forcefully that reality exists for a reason: to be understood by inquirers. Moreover it takes important steps toward realizing that purpose; it proposes a rich theory of the fundamental categories by which reality is structured. Even one who disagrees with Monius that understanding is the supreme good ought still to agree that understanding is a good, and even an extremely important one. Thus, anyone who loves knowledge must come to grips with the issues raised by “Coming to Understanding”.

Theodore Sider
Rutgers University